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About Iwahai

Iwahai was born in late 2018 when Christopher Damitio wanted to tell friends about a secret location on the island of Oahu but wasn't going to be there. He looked for a way to embed audio on a map - but there wasn't any way to do it. So he decided to create Iwahai.

The Meaning of Iwahai

In the Hawaiian language it means 'absent', which is pretty cool. You don't have to be in a place to leave a message or say something. You can be absent. You can be iwahai.

Iwa means stone in Japanese and Hai means 'Yes' in Japanese - so it sort of means "Rock on" or "Yes, Rock!"

Why does it matter?

We live in a world split between text and voice. Anyone who has ever had a conversation by text with their significant other, knows how much information is lost when you can't use your voice. Using voice allows for the use of tone, emotion, inflection, and more.

Why Maps?

Maps are a means of exploring. Maps mean adventure. Maps make the unknown into the known. That's what Iwahai does. Share your knolwledge and expeerience of a specific location in your voice. Maps + Voice = Strong Human Connections.

What rhymes with 'see the sky'?

It has all the letters of Hawaii in it - Did you notice that? And the sounds are the same. In Hawaiian 'i' is pronounced 'ee', the 'a' is pronounced 'ah'. The consonants are the same so iwahai is pronounced ee wa high - technically in Hawaiian it would be ee wa ha ee but the long e sound is blended into the 'ha' to make a sound that is 'high'. Iwahai rhymes with 'see the sky'

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